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    All in all, it is not always easy. WE ARE NOT AN AIRLINE, so we rely on them for bookings and at the end of the day, they determine whether pets can travel on specific dates, to certain destinations or not. Some factors that may influence are the weather, aircraft size and characteristics, public holidays; etc. Domestic transportation can be pricey because roads in Mexico are not the best, that is why we try to cover only the states surrounding Mexico City

    *Our procedures are regulated by the export and import parameters established by the IATA. We are also a proud member of the IPATA and our networking helps us to reach almost every destination.


    Making it easy.

    Logistics and paperwork can be overwhelming. We take you step by step to expedite the processes; however, it is important to have basic documents such as up to date vaccination records.Please take into consideration that your pet cannot travel if they are sick, pregnant, wounded, in heat, recently vaccinated, under medication, without original documents or without kennel.

    Creating a great experience for you and your pet

    We want your furry partner to feel comfortable and safe with us, it is a vital part of the process. Once you hire the service, you can visit us at our boarding facilities to create a bonding experience with your pet.



    Pick-up and delivery within Mexico City or surrounding states usually takes place in the morning during weekdays and upon arrival, our colleagues at the destination deliver your pet to their new home.

    • Our colleagues at destination will hand off your pet near the cargo station once the clearance process is completed.

    • We can receive your pet at our boarding facilities in the morning of the flight or a day prior to it (depending on the destination) and our colleagues at the destination deliver them to your


    We do not transport pets in cabin, as excess baggage, or emotional support animals. Our only mean of transport for international relocation is cargo. We look after each pet since we receive them until we hand them off to the airline. Although we always aim for direct flights to avoid layovers, some destinations are not available without a stop.


    It is essential that the owners have vaccination records, deworming treatments, and proof of microchipping (if necessary) up to date.

    Each country and in some cases, each province or state have different regulations for pet transportation. We guide each client through the sanitary processes they may need to comply to based on the information provided by our authorities or the colleagues at the country of destination.

    In some cases, regulations information or formats have not been updated or change in our country’s system or the destination one and this may result in last minute changes that are not responsibility of Pet Air Mexico.

    Some destinations do not have a customs broker specialized in pet cargo transportation and therefore are difficult to reach. Please ask before quoting.


    Once the service has been confirmed, we help the owners with useful tips and information for everything related to their pet’s travel: from kennel training tips, to paperwork, dates, schedules, itineraries, and general recommendations.


    A hard material kennel is mandatory for cargo transportation. Depending on the size or breed, some kennels will need to be altered to meet the ideal height for the pet or for their safety, and in some cases, they will require a custom-made wooden kennel. The height of the kennel must from 4 to 6in taller than the highest point of the pet’s body (their pointy ears or the top of the head).

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    Estimate your pet’s tranportation

    All quotes are subject to changes due to the world sanitary emergency. Some destinations with high demand may have increased fees depending on the season.

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    *These costs are approximate and may vary.


    The rough quote generator provides just an estimated figure based on general information. For an accurate quote, please contact us at [email protected], with the most recent details of your pet such as name, breed, height in all fours from the highest point of their body (pointy ears or the or of their head), length, weight, travel dates, and support pictures (let us know in advance if you are missing any of these). All our services depart from Mexico City, but we have extra pick up service in some states. As per company policy, we do not work with pets under 8 months or 10 if they are snub nosed. Availability is subject to the airlines and destinations.