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    Happy reunions

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    Well, yes and no.
    Yes: When we use ground transportation, our drivers make sure they travel comfortably and provide water, food and walks if necessary.
    No: When it comes to a domestic or an international flight. In this case, pets travel by themselves.

    During a flight, pets travel in the cargo hold that is located in one of the safest spots of the aircraft, underneath the pilots’ cabin. For our domestic services, we use private vans with air conditioning; we also secure the kennels for the pets’ safety.

    Yes, but it is important that they are healthy. It may be riskier for the ones with physiological problems, snub nosed breeds (brachycephalic) and the elderly.

    At Pet Air we want to make it simple for you and your pet. Here is how we work:
    1. Once we receive all the necessary details, we work on a quote that will be based on the age, breed, origin, destination, airline, date, and availability.
    2. Once it has the quote has been accepted, we proceed to check that all the sanitary and customs documents meet our country’s requirements and the destination ones.
    3. The booking is requested and once confirmed, the pick-up date is established.
    4. Payment must be completed, whether it is a credit card, a domestic or an international wire transfer. The full amount covers the export process and, in most cases, the import as well.
    5. The pets are received or picked up and remain at our boarding facilities until boarding time.
    6. Our operations team takes the pets to complete the customs process and to check in with the airline at the pre-established date and time.
    7. The airline personnel boards the pets and secure the kennels so they travel comfortably in the pressurized cabin with weather control, under the pilots’ cabin.
    8. A commercial partner receives the pets at the airport of destination, completes the customs clearance process and hands off or delivers them to their home address.
    9. Owners receive their pets and are happy to be together again.

    Depending on the destination, it can take from a day up to four due to layovers, connecting flights frequency and time zone changes.